Katie Hopkins is BANNED from Twitter for breaking rules on hate speech

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Katie Hopkins is BANNED from Twitter for breaking rules on hate speech

The couple went public in December by sharing sweet snaps together to Instagram, after romance rumours were originally sparked between the two in October - when Jarrod was spotted leaving her Essex home. 

It then claims to reveal 'what actually happened', showing the original version of events where the pair are playing - the way CNN had reported it - before accusing 'fake news' of being the root cause of problems in America.

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'I had to pay for years of childcare - with a mortgage like millions of others. They are utterly selfish to have put you in this position and suggest if you have a good relationship with your son talk it out with him.' 

The mum-of-one reportedly ended their two-year relationship in 2021, after learning the full extent of the conman's crimes - but admitted they would always have a co-parenting relationship for their son. 

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Andrea Kendall-Taylor, the US deputy national intelligence officer for Russia and Eurasia from 2015-2018, added that Putin is seeking individuals to 'scapegoat and pass the blame' to and thinks 'he's in a much more precarious position now'.

Jeffrey Edmonds, a former CIA and National Security Council official, told : 'It is hard to imagine some senior intelligence person talking with Putin and not telling Putin what he wants to hear, especially if it is a belief that is deeply held, like Putin's beliefs about Ukraine.'

Last week, Andrey Soldatov, a respected author on the Russian secret services, said sources inside the FSB told him that Sergey Beseda, 68, head of the agency's foreign service, had been placed under arrest on Putin's orders.

'I've lost my niece, my little sister, my best friend ☹️ Life dealt you the harshest card but you always chose to win, you always fought to come out the other side above it all with a smile on your face.

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Among the reasons for the repressions are the embezzlement of funds allocated for subversive and undercover work in Ukraine, as well as deliberately false information about the political situation in Ukraine.

'Decided to surprise my family and not tell them I'm coming home just to see their expressions, mom was speechless (touched me all to see if I was real, dad couldn't stop smiling and my god mother cried her eyes off)

The Change.org appeal says: 'Everyone is allowed free speech, you may not like what others have to say or you may love it but Katie Hopkins was the voice for many other who supported what she has to say that don't have the platform to be heard.

Putin is said to blame the agency for intelligence which assured him ahead of the invasion that Russian forces would face only token resistance from the Ukrainian army and that Ukrainians themselves were eager to be rid of their leaders.

In fact, the Russian armed forces have faced fierce resistance from Ukrainian soldiers that has battled them to a standstill, inflicted heavy losses, and forced Putin's commanders to resort to brutal siege warfare that has so far yielded few results. 

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According to Twitter's website, that policy prohibits promoting violence against or directly attacking or threatening people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or serious disease.  

Soldatov previously told that most FSB agents are brought into the service as legacy hires based on their parents or grandparents being agents and are removed from mainstream schools to be educated in-house.

However, the tech giant did remove campaign adverts by Mr Trump and vice president Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle - a Nazi symbol used to designate political prisoners in concentration camps. 

The clip is edited to look like it appeared on a CNN broadcast, showing a black toddler running away from a white child, with a fake CNN breaking news caption reading: 'Terrified todler (sic) runs from racist baby.'

In May, Twitter placed fact-checking labels on two tweets from Mr Trump's personal account which made claims about fraud in US postal voting, as well as hiding a post about protests in the city of Minneapolis after Mr Floyd's death.