More People Need to Watch the 2nd Best TV Show on Netflix

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More People Need to Watch the 2nd Best TV Show on Netflix

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Prairie has scars on her back and experiences traumatic episodes, but won't burden her adopted parents with her story. Instead, she takes to the internet, finding like-minded friends via the medium of YouTube.

And season 2 is even better than the first. It becomes a noir detective story set in Silicon Valley, where kids, one of whom is played by Zendaya, are disappearing after competing in a VR game on an app. Shot with a more polished look, season 2 is slightly less bleak than the character drama of season 1. There are even attempts at humor -- Marling is no stranger to comedy, appearing in Community and British series Babylon.

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The OA comes from longtime creative team Brit Marling (who also stars as Prairie) and Zal Batmanglij. The show feels like the product of buzzing minds excitedly throwing out idea after idea. The OA is as intense as it is dense, exploring the human condition, mortality, the afterlife and… the multiverse.

That's right. Forget Marvel. This is the show to watch if you want a rich, existential look at the interconnectedness of all things. The world of the OA is vast and the way it works follows the most unexpected rules.

Jeffrey Edmonds, a former CIA and National Security Council official, told : 'It is hard to imagine some senior intelligence person talking with Putin and not telling Putin what he wants to hear, especially if it is a belief that is deeply held, like Putin's beliefs about Ukraine.'

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 The influencer knew from a young age that she wanted to follow a more creative path: 'In school I was always in like the second set, like academically, I just accepted the fact that I wasn't going to be the next scientist or the next English teacher.

From here, the story functions a little like the mystery in Yellowjackets. We don't know whether Prairie is telling her new friends the truth or not. We don't know whether she truly has supernatural powers. To them, it doesn't entirely matter. She brings unhappy, trapped people together, showing them the same kindness and understanding they've afforded her. Showing them an escape.

It comes after Vladimir Putin placed the head of the FSB's foreign service and his deputy under house arrest after blaming them for intelligence failings that saw his army handed a series of embarrassing defeats in Ukraine.

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 She believes it's not something to be ashamed of and never used it as an excuse in life: I hate to make the excuse that I'm dyslexic. I've always found coping mechanisms, and I've got got on with my life.

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The OA is difficult to describe, because it sews a handful of different genres into its own ethereal plane. The OA is surreal at times. Yet instead of floating images gently knocking against each other, the sci-fi here is delivered with the grounded assuredness of a Christopher Nolan movie. It moves with the same relentless force.