Yawning, snoozing and cradled by nannies, Ukraine's surrogate babies are pictured in a makeshift underground nursery in

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Yawning, snoozing and cradled by nannies, Ukraine's surrogate babies are pictured in a makeshift underground nursery in

The clip is edited to look like it appeared on a CNN broadcast, showing a black toddler running away from a white child, with a fake CNN breaking news caption reading: 'Terrified todler (sic) runs from racist baby.'

A select few biological parents have managed to complete the process, including one British couple, Metaish and Manisha Parmar.  Pictured: Nurse Antonina Yefymovych feeds a surrogate-born baby inside a special shelter owned by BioTexCom clinic in a residential basement, as Russia's invasion continues, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine on March 15

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Experts aren't entirely sure why pregnancy can raise a person's risk of developing severe COVID-19 disease, but there are a few ideas. Changes in the body that occur during pregnancy could increase someone's chances of becoming severely ill with a respiratory virus like COVID-19. It may also be because a person's immune system is naturally depressed during pregnancy in order to prevent their body from rejecting the growing fetus, Dr. Ella Speichinger, an OB-GYN at University of Missouri Health Care, told CNET in May.

However, the tech giant did remove campaign adverts by Mr Trump and vice president Mike Pence that featured an upside-down red triangle - a Nazi symbol used to designate political prisoners in concentration camps. 

The president, who has battled Twitter and other tech companies over alleged censorship of conservative voices on social media platforms, said in late May he would propose legislation to potentially scrap or weaken the law shielding internet companies, in an extraordinary attempt to regulate outlets where he has been criticized.

Yawning, snoozing and cradled by nannies, Ukraine's surrogate babies are pictured in a makeshift underground nursery in Kyiv as Putin's missiles rain down above- leaving their biological parents unable to collect them. 

A long list of health conditions (pregnancy and being postpartum are two of them) can increase someone's risk of severe COVID-19 disease, including hospitalization and death. If you're pregnant and also have a medical condition, such as diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure, your doctor may recommend additional treatment. 

And Sam Everingham, global director of Growing Families, told the i  'It is such a difficult situation and we are getting many calls daily from couples who have got surrogates or embryos in Ukraine who are desperate for information.'

If you've ever considered taking medicine while pregnant -- or you've had the TV on long enough to hear the commercial line "tell your doctor if you're pregnant or breastfeeding" -- you'll know there's a giant disclaimer that comes with taking anything during pregnancy. Despite the big caveat and lack of medical research on pregnant people, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nine in 10 women will take at least one medicine during pregnancy. 

With allergy season approaching, and COVID-19 still here, many people are reaching for over-the-counter medication in the hopes of relieving congestion or getting through a cough. What about one of the most popular ones, Mucinex?

If you give birth with COVID-19, the ACOG notes that, according to current reports, the risk of a baby getting COVID-19 does not change based on whether the baby stays in your room or in a separately. Isolating your baby in another room may be encouraged, however, if you are very ill or if your baby is at high risk of getting very sick (all newborns are at higher risk, but some may have other medical conditions).

The original video, which went viral on social media in 2019, showed a black toddler and a white toddler running towards each other and hugging.

It was published website with the headline "These two toddlers are showing us what real-life besties look like" on CNN's website last year.

"We may label Tweets containing synthetic and manipulated media to help people understand their authenticity and to provide additional context," Twitter says in an explanation of its policies posted on its website website Twitter has been under fierce scrutiny from the Trump administration since it fact-checked Trump's tweets about unsubstantiated claims of mail-in voting fraud.

Is Mucinex safe during pregnancy? There are a few different kinds of Mucinex (Mucinex, Mucinex D and Mucinex DM, for example) but some of the most common popular products contain guaifenesin, pseudoephedrine and dextromethorphan. 

COVID-19 treatments available and believed to be effective against the omicron variant include Paxlovid, some monoclonal antibody therapies and remdesivir. While not all treatments were directly studied for use in pregnant people, your doctor may recommend one if the benefits of treating COVID-19 outweigh the unknowns.